What I’m after

Readers, for a start.  So if you’ve come this far, welcome, and join in my pursuit of

  • stories
  • historical puzzles
  • genealogy
  • language (words, names, phrases, formulae & rhetoric)
  • pen-strokes
  • Thought

Anything handwritten is fair game for my chase, and, once down, it is mine to retrieve, pluck, marinade, roast, and enjoy with friends.

More prosaically, my business – and I mean business, because it is my living – is written evidence.  I find it.  I convert it to text that can be used, whether by historians, genealogists, lawyers, biographers, journalists, or writers of other kinds.  Sometimes that means translating, from Law French perhaps or Mediaeval Latin.  Oftentimes the source is English, but not as we speak today.  I love to serve up “authentick” transcriptions, but at the very least they need a seasoning of footnotes.  Otherwise I am begged to reheat in plain English.


Transcribing and interpreting doesn’t always follow straight lines; thoughts spin off at a tangent to the curves of time and space.  Into Ideas, Movements, Truths, Doubts, and new Questions.  These pages will be a jotter for them.

If you’re reading this on a tablet or mobile phone and you’d like to read more of my blog posts, then click on the square with lines across it in the top right-hand corner.

Peter Foden, palaeographer, translator, researcher… not far from Gotham

Pretending to research
Peter making discoveries in an archive: if you need documents interpreting, transcribing or translating, or are planning a research project involving archival research, please e-mail peter@peterfoden.com

3 Comments Add yours

  1. leanda2013 says:

    Peter is brilliant and I am very grateful for the help he has given me with my books Tudor: The Family Story and the forthcoming ( to be published next year) The King’s Story, Charles I, Venturous Knight . Love the new website

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Peter Foden says:

      Thanks Leanda: you are too kind.
      I so enjoyed transcribing some of the correspondence (in French and in Cipher) between King Charles and his Queen that I can’t wait to read the full story when you publish it. I love your subtitle “Venturous Knight” too.

      Liked by 1 person

  2. scottphillipsotop says:

    Wonderful site, Peter! Your work for me and Onward To Our Past has been stellar and I look forward to future work together as well as following your blog here! Cheers to you!

    Liked by 1 person

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